The History of McCreary County Water District

The McCreary County Water District was officially formed on November 16th, 1962. Judge Prince L. Stephens presided over the matter and appointed a board of commissioners to run the operation. He appointed Dr. M. A. Winchester for a term of four years; for a term of three years, A. W. Holmes; and Eldred Musgrove for a term of two years. Each man took an oath to faithfully perform the duties of his position.

In order to get the court to consider this matter, a petition from more than seventy-five resident home owners of McCreary County was submitted. These petitioners were as committed to their faith as they were to their community. In fact, the official court document read,

“…a petition was filed with this Court on October 5th, 1962, containing more than seventy-five (75) names of resident freeholders of the hereinafter described water district in McCreary County, Kentucky, and in said petition said freeholders have prayed for the creation and establishment of the hereinafter water district in McCreary County, Kentucky.”

The creation of McCreary County Water District was forged through hard work, commitment, and vision. Today, these qualities are still the cornerstone of McCreary County Water District’s success. The water district now serves water to over 95% of the county and that number is growing every year. There are currently over 350 miles of water mainlines which range up to 18 inches. There are also 13 water storage tanks, throughout the county, for a total system capacity of 2.75 million gallons of storage. McCreary County Water District operates two water treatment facilities and one waste water treatment plant. For a complete list of McCreary County Water District’s projects, visit our projects page.

In addition to all of these achievements, the water district also uses state-of-the-art treatment processes to continue providing the purest water quality to the county. McCreary County Water District has been honored numerous times as a leader in water quality and excellence.