Water Rates and Rules

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Monthly rates for special service through a multi-unit master meter agreement:

The monthly charge for customers who have requested service through a master meter for multi-unit service shall be the larger of:

  1. The number of housing units times the minimum water charge per unit, based on the district’s standard service meter minimum charge, or;

  2. The amount based on the average gallons used per housing unit at the current rate schedule times the number of housing units, in the multiple-unit facility.

Basic Rules and Regulations:

A Plumbing Permit is REQUIRED, according to the Department of Plumbing, before the water district may collect any money or install a water service connection.  You may obtain a permit at the McCreary County Health Department between the hours of 8:00am and 9:00am on Monday mornings.  For more information you may call the Health Department at 606-376-2412.

If more than one customer is attached to a meter, the customer is REQUIRED to notify the water district.

The following are some of the most used rules and regulations on file with the Public Service Commission for McCreary County Water District.  All rules and regulations are available to view at the main office which is located at 456 N HWY 27, Whitley City, KY 42653 or by clicking view full water tariff.

1. Scope

This Schedule of Rules and Regulations is a part of all contracts for receiving water service from the DISTRICT, and applies to all service received from the DISTRICT whether the service is based upon contract, agreement, signed application, or otherwise. A copy of this schedule, together with a copy of the DISTRICT'S Schedule of Rates and Charges, shall be kept open to inspection at the office of the DISTRICT. The rules are promulgated under direction and authority granted pursuant to Chapter 13 of Kentucky Revised Statutes and Administrative Regulations 807 KAR 5 established via authority of Executive Order 81-126 dated March 4, 1981. The aforesaid rules and regulations are hereby adopted and included the same or herein written now or as may be legally changed from time to time.

2. Revisions

These Rules and Regulations may be revised, amended, supplemented, or otherwise changed from time to time by either of the two (2) following methods:

A. By order of the Public Service Commission upon formal application by the DISTRICT, and after hearing as provided by commission regulation set forth in 807 KAR 5:Oll.

B. By issuing and filing on at least thirty (30) days notice to the commission and the public all proposed changes in the Rules and Regulations, as provided by commission regulations set forth in 807 KAR 5:Oll.

3. Conflict

In case of conflict between any provisions of any rate schedule and the schedule of Rules and Regulations, the rate schedule shall apply.  Also, should the rules which are contained herein, conflict with the present rules in effect under 807 KAR 5 as of this date, the same shall take precedence over those contained herein.

4. Application for Service

Any person, firm, agency or governmental entity within the current boundary of the DISTRICT may request service.  Said request must be in writing on a form approved by the DISTRICT.  No service for a request shall be granted unless the property of said requestor has public access within a reasonable distance from an existing distribution main of the DISTRICT consistent with the topography of the area.  Should the requestor desire to have the existing distribution system extended to serve them, same shall be accomplished as stipulated, hereafter. Should DISTRICT determine that service to requestor is available, each prospective customer desiring water service shall be required to execute and sign the DISTRICT'S standard application for water service before service is supplied by the DISTRICT. A 5/8" X 3/4" meter shall be "the standard customer service meter and should be installed at all points of service unless the customer provides sufficient justification for the installation of a larger meter."  The DISTRICT shall provide for a standard connection (i.e., 5/8" x 3/4" meter) from the DISTRICT'S existing distribution main.  An extension of fifty (50) feet or less shall be made by the DISTRICT to its existing utility main without change for a prospective customer who applies for and contracts to use the service for one (1) year or more with the appropriate guarantee.

5. Non-Standard Service

Each prospective customer requiring a non-standard service (i.e., other than a 5/8" X 3/4" meter) shall present to the DISTRICT sufficient justification for same.  Insofar as prospective customer requirements may meet those non-standard services presently in effect by the DISTRICT, the same may be applied.  An extension of fifty (50) feet or less shall be made by the DISTRSCT to its existing utility main without change for a prospective customer who applies for and contracts to use the service for one (1) year or more with the appropriate guarantee.  In addition, the prospective customer shall pay the cost of any special installation necessary to meet his particular requirements, as a contribution in aid of construction.

6. Point of Delivery

The point of delivery is the point where the meter or vault is located on the customer's premises. All water lines, plumbing, and equipment beyond the meter shall be installed and maintained by the customer. The DISTRICT reserves the right to determine the location of point of delivery with full regard to those wishes of the prospective customer, however the DISTRICT will in no event set a meter at a point that does not deliver 30 psi at the meter.

7. Customer's Service Line

All service lines beyond the metering point should be installed of material consisting of copper, galvanized, PVC pipe, or PE pipe with rating of not less than 200 psi.  The size of service line beyond the point of delivery should not be less than 3/4".  Should a prospective customer desire a higher pressure due to his location or need, he may make provision, at his expense, for an individual pressure booster system.  The manner of connection, location cross-connection protection and type is subject to approval by DISTRICT.  The DISTRICT reserves the right to require discontinuance and disconnection should the private booster system have a detrimental effect on DISTRICT'S system.

8. Ownership of Mains, Services & Appurtenances

All mains, fire hydrants, valves, crossings and other appurtenances are and shall remain the property of the DISTRICT, whether installed directly by them or received through actions of a customer or extender.  All service lines from main to meter with appurtenances shall be and remain the property of DISTRICT, whether installed directly by them or received through actions of a customer or extender.  The customer shall install, own and maintain his service line from meter and/or point of delivery as defined here before.

9. Discontinuance of Service by DISTRICT

Water service may be discontinued by the DISTRICT for any violation of any rule, regulation, or condition, and especially for any of the following reasons:

A. Misrepresentation in the application or contract as to the property or fixtures to be supplied or additional use to be made of water.

B. Failure to report to the DISTRICT additions to the property or fixtures to be supplied or additional use to be made of water.

C. Resale of Water.

D. Waste or misuse of water due to improper or imperfect service pipes and/or failure to keep such pipes in a suitable state of repair.

E. Tampering with meter, meter seal, service, or valves, or permitting such tampering by others.

F. Connection, cross-connection, or permitting the same, of any separate water supply to premises which receive water from the DISTRICT.

G. Non-payment of bills.

H. When a dangerous condition is found to exist on the customer's or applicant's premises, with reference to the continuation of water service, water service shall be cut off without notice or shall be refused, provided the DISTRICT shall notify the customer or applicant immediately of the reasons for the discontinuance or refusal and the corrective action to be taken by the applicant or customer before service can be restored.

10. Billing

Bills and notices relating to the conduct of business of the District will be mailed to the customer at the address listed on the user’s agreement unless a change of address has been filed in writing with the District: and the District shall not otherwise be responsible for delivery of any bill or notice nor will the customer be excused from payment of any bill or any performance required in said notice.

Bills for the water services are due and payable at the office of the District, or to any designated agent, on the date of issue. For nonpayment of charges incurred for utility services. The utility may terminate service only after five (5) days written notice of termination is provided, and after twenty (20) days have elapsed since the mailing date of the original unpaid bill. However, if, prior to discontinuance of service, there is delivered to the District or its employee empowered to discontinue service, a written certificate signed by a physician, a registered nurse, or a public health officer that, in the opinion of the certifier, discontinuance of service will aggravate an existing illness or infirmity of the affected premises, service shall not be discontinued until the affected resident can make other living arrangements or until thirty (30) days elapse from the time of the District’s receipt of said certification, whichever occurs first.

11. Discontinuance of Service by Customer

Any customer having fulfilled their contract terms and desiring to discontinue the water service to his premises for any reason must give notice of discontinuance in writing at the business office of the DISTRICT at least three (3) days prior to the date on which the customer desires to discontinue service. If such notice in writing is not given, a customer shall remain liable for all water used and service rendered to such premises by the DISTRICT until such notice is received by the DISTRICT.

12. Reconnection Fee

Where the water supply has been turned off because of customer request or has been discontinued for non-payment of delinquent bills, a charge of $50.00 will be made for reconnection of water service, but the reconnection will not be made until all delinquent bills and other charges, if any, owed by the customer to the DISTRICT have been paid.

13. Deposits

The McCreary County Water District reserves the right to require a minimum cash deposit to secure payment of bills.  Services may be refused or discontinued for failure to pay the requested deposit.  The amount of the deposit shall be fifty (50) U.S. dollars.  This amount shall not exceed 2/12 of the estimated annual bill. 

Upon payment of such deposit, the DISTRICT shall issue to such customer a certificate of deposit, showing the name of the customer, the location of the initial premises occupied by the customer, the date, and the amount of the deposit. 

Interest, will accrue on all deposits at the rate prescribed by law beginning on the date of the deposit until such deposit is refunded to the customer.  Interest will be paid annually by refund or credit to the customer’s account, except that no refund or credit will be made if the customer’s bill is delinquent on the anniversary date of the deposit. If interest is paid or credited to customer’s bill prior to twelve (12) months after the date of the deposit or the last interest paid date, a payment or credit shall be on a prorated basis.

The deposit may be waived upon a customer’s showing of satisfactory credit or payment history.  All required deposits will be returned after one (1) year if the customer has established a satisfactory payment history. 

If a deposit has been waived or returned and the customer fails to maintain a satisfactory payment record, a deposit may then be required.  The DISTRICT may require a deposit in addition to the initial deposit if the customer’s classification of service changes in usage.  Upon termination of service, the deposit, any principal amounts, and interest earned and owed will be credited to the final bill with any remainder refunded to the customer.

In determining whether a deposit will be required or waived, the following criteria will be considered:

Previous payment history with the McCreary County Water District.  If the customer has no previous history with the water district, statements from other utilities, banks, etc. may be presented by the customer as evidence of good credit.

If a deposit is held longer than eighteen (18) months, the deposit will be recalculated, at the customer’s request, based on the customer’s actual usage.  If the deposit on the account differs from the recalculated amount by more than ten (10) U.S. dollars for a residential customer or more than ten percent (10%) for non-residential customers, the water district may collect any underpayment and shall refund any overpayment by check or credit to the customer’s bill.  No refund will be made if the customer’s bill is delinquent at the time of the recalculation.

17. Right of Access

The customer must agree to permit the DISTRICT to lay, maintain, repair, or remove such water lines which is the property of the DISTRICT located on the customer's property with the right of ingress-and egress over customer's property.  The DISTRICT'S duly authorized representative and/or other duly authorized employee of the State Health Department bearing proper credentials and identification shall be permitted to enter upon all properties for the purpose of inspection, observation, measurement, sampling, and testing, in accordance with the provisions of these Rules and Regulations.

18. Interruption of Service

The DISTRICT will use reasonable diligence in supplying water service, but shall not be liable for breach of contract in the event of, or for loss, injury, or damage to persons or property resulting from interruptions in service, excessive or inadequate water pressure, or otherwise unsatisfactory service, whether or not caused by negligence.  The DISTRICT does hereby explicitly state that its system is one for rural domestic consumption and that its allowance of connections to its system for fire protection whether by design or implication is only for such benefit as said customer may be able to derive from such connection.  The DISTRICT'S system is not designed nor intended for use for fire protection in any manner whatsoever. Any customer using same for fire protection does so at their own full and sole responsibility. The DISTRICT shall in no event be held responsible for any claim made against it by reason of the breaking of any mains or service pipes or by reason of any other interruption of the supply of water caused by the failure of machinery or stoppage for necessary repairs. No person shall be entitled to damages nor to any portion of a payment refunded for any interruption of service which in the opinion of the DISTRICT may be deemed necessary. The DISTRICT shall make all reasonable efforts to eliminate interruption of service and when such interruption occurs, will endeavor to reestablish service with the shortest possible delay. When the service is interrupted all consumers affected by such interruption will be notified in advance whenever it is possible to do so.

24. Additional Load

The service connection supplied by the DISTRICT for each customer has a definite capacity, and no addition to the equipment or load connected thereto will be allowed except by consent of the DISTRICT.  Failure to give notice of additions or changes in load, and to obtain the DISTRICT'S consent for same, shall render the customer liable for any damage to any of the DISTRICT'S lines or equipment caused by the additional or changed installation.

25. Notice of Trouble

The customer shall notify the DISTRICT immediately should the service be unsatisfactory for any reason, or should there be any defects, trouble, or accidents affecting the supply of water.